Toy for reporting your x-wing miniatures space battles


2018 Pol Moneys <3


Does it work on mobile? unfortunately mobile screens are too small and fingers too wide to properly make it work. On tablets it's fine.

Interface makes no sense Follow the text inside the pop-up labeled with 'INFO'

Any tips for editor mode? The circle around bases and obstacles allow you to rotate the item. The firing arc will react to both 'controls' inside it's own pop up.

Any tips for combat mode? All text is editable, just click on it to change the contents

Can I save the board state ? no 'save' option for now but you can always toggle all the popups (click on the label/icon) and take a screenshot

Easter eggs ¿? There are quite a few little nice extras, one of them: on combat mode if you write the name of ship following this convention text becomes an icon. Try with 'aggressor'...